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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft will soon release its £129 Xbox One Elite controller, with all the customisation options and professional build quality we saw during E3 in June, but what if you don't have that kind of cash lying around for a new gamepad?

Well, the company has revealed that the conventional Xbox One controller will soon get customisation options of its own, with players gaining the ability to remap the buttons to their own configurations.


Xbox exec Mike Ybarra answered a query on Twitter revealing that it is not only Elite controller owners that will have the opportunity to change button commands. He was asked by @StavEllis why only the Elite was getting the feature, to which Ybarra (@XboxQwik) replied, "It's coming for all controllers soon."

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There are still plenty of other reasons it could be worth shelling out extra for the new pro device, not least build quality and a new D-pad, but at least this proves that Microsoft isn't ignoring the rest of us.

Last week, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer also revealed that being able to play music in the background of games, like on PS4, is also a new feature in the works.

"This one is just a prioritisation thing with other work," he tweeted. "We like the feature. It's in the list of things we want to do, just behind other work we are doing right now."

Writing by Rik Henderson.