Those who own Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for the Xbox One will be fully aware that as excellent as it is, it is hardly complete. It only comes with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

And while those two titles are simply superb, it's a shame that the original Borderlands is not included.

That's because the first in the trilogy was built using a different game engine and infrastructure to the others, which made it a lot more difficult to tart up and repackage for the now current generation consoles. Publisher 2K Games said there is a potential to release a remastered version in the future, but only if there is enough demand.

However, for Xbox One owners, there might not be a need.

The original Borderlands has become the latest Xbox 360 game to get backwards compatibility for the latest Microsoft machine. It joins 21 other games confirmed to work on the Xbox One so far and what's more, if you have the first release, it even adds all the DLC that came after for free. And any save games you stored in the cloud will work too.

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Currently, it is only available to Xbox Preview Program members, but will be part of the line-up for the public when the full backwards compatibility program is launched in November. Owners of both the digital download version and disc versions will be able to play the game from the off - with the latter having to download a game file of around 8GB in size when the disc is inserted.

There will be over 80 other Xbox 360 games with backwards compatibility announced and launched at the same time, so don't chuck out those disc copies just yet. Eventually, Microsoft hopes to include backwards compatibility for a vast array of games, bar those that needed dedicated Xbox 360 hardware - such as the Kinect - to run.

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There's a possibility that PS4 owners of The Handsome Collection could get access to Borderlands in the future, through the cloud gaming PS Now service. However, it is not currently available either in the US or UK at present.