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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft announced a new Xbox One controller during E3 in June, which is designed for the more hardcore gamer - even professionals. But it seems that will not be the only part of the console getting an upgrade.

Coming in November, around the same time that the Elite Controller is launched, the company is also introducing an Xbox One bundle that includes the device. However, the console on offer has also been pimped for performance as it comes with a 1TB solid state hybrid drive pre-installed.


That means loading times for games will be greatly improved - up to 20 per cent faster, Microsoft claims. As will the amount of time it takes to save games or capture in-game video. In short, it is the best Xbox One you are likely to see this year.

Many PS4 owners have already swapped out the HDD in their consoles for an SSD equivalent, and benefit from the faster archiving speeds, but the Xbox One has never offered the opportunity to replace the hard drive inside. You can add an external USB 3.0 hard drive to expand the memory, including an external SSD drive, but the Xbox One Elite bundle offers a neater solution, albeit only a hybrid one.

That means it uses a solid state portion for caching data and a regular HDD for storing it. It's not quite as fast as a true SSD, but a lot quicker than a conventional drive.

Plus, of course, it comes with the Xbox One Elite Controller we were very impressed with at E3.

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The bundle will be available for £399. Considering the Elite Controller will be £110 on its own and a 1TB Xbox One without a hybrid drive is around £320, that represents great value for money.

Microsoft will also be launching another new version of its standard Xbox One controller in September. The Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller comes with a white and gold colour scheme and improved grip texture over the conventional version.

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It will cost $64.99 in the US and £54.99 in the UK.

Writing by Rik Henderson.