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(Pocket-lint) - One of the best features for gamers included in Windows 10 is the ability to stream Xbox One games to a PC or tablet and play them elsewhere in the home. They play without lag and the system works even better than the remote play functionality of the PlayStation 4.

Indeed, when Windows 10 for phone launches, you'll even be able to play Xbox One games on a compatible handset.


But that's not all.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed to The Verge that the reverse is in the works too. He hinted that the Xbox One will get the ability to stream Windows 10 games from a PC. That way you'll be able to play full Windows games on the big screen via your console.

The idea isn't exactly new. Nvidia's Shield Tablet is capable of streaming PC games as long as the PC's graphics card is beefy enough. And if you hook that up to a TV, it can basically do the same as Microsoft and Xbox are proposing.

Steam's forthcoming set-top-box is another device promising similar functionality.

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But Spencer's suggestion, in which he says that PC streaming to Xbox is "a little more challenging" thanks to the encoding at the PC end and that a "challenge is good", is great news for those who would love to play their existing library of Windows classics in the living room - without physically connecting their gaming computer to the telly.

Writing by Rik Henderson.