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(Pocket-lint) - The Plex app for Xbox One was always one of our favourite platforms to stream our home media content through, and a swathe of changes that were pushed as an update yesterday have made it even better.

Most notably, the company has added music library functionality to the app so you can play your music files through your home server on the Xbox One with rich metadata and other extras. And it works in snap mode too.

But that's not the only change. Here are the others that makes Plex the number one choice to stream music through if you own the console. Hopefully, the changes will make it to the PS4 versions as well soon.

Music support

As said, music can now be played n the Xbox One through Plex. If you have your music library seen by the Plex Server it will now appear on the Xbox One too, with album art, images of bands and artists, and much more.

Plexxbox one plex update makes it the best media player around these are the changes image 4

It can be played in snap mode and in the background on the home screen too.


The Xbox One app now has access to your music or video playlists. That way you can watch episodes of shows back to back or shuffle music through whatever tracks you've chosen to collect together.

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Xbox Smartglass can now be used to control your Plex playback. Any mobile device that has the Smartglass app can now be used as a remote.

Cinema trailers

Like with the desktop browser client, you can now choose to have cinema trailers play before a movie starts to give your living room that theatre-style experience. The trailers will update and always be current.


Plexxbox one plex update makes it the best media player around these are the changes image 2

As well as access the trailers for films stored on your server, you can now watch all of the related extra footage Plex pulls in from its partners. That includes interviews with cast members and behind the scenes footage.

The music library also gets music videos for artists for you to watch.

MKV direct play

MKV files now play natively and don't need to be converted by a PC before playback. While this used to happen in real time, it put strain on a remote computer, but now won't. The app now uses the Xbox One's MKV decoding ability to play files.

Navigation shortcuts

A few new key bindings have been added. That includes the ability to start playing video or music while browsing through the X button. And you can also flip through episode using the L/R bumpers.

Plex has revealed that even more features are heading to the Xbox One app, which we'll detail when they have been revealed.

Plex Media Server software needs to be installed on a PC or Mac to control your content remotely and while the Xbox One app itself is free to download, it requires a Plex Pass subscription to use the premium features. That costs from £2.79 a month up to £119.99 for a yearly subscription if you want to pay up front and save some money.

Writing by Rik Henderson.