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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced at its keynote event at E3 2015 that it will introduce a new scheme for game trials.

Xbox Game Preview is a system that will allow gamers to download and try titles before they decide to buy, or not to buy. The game will still be in an active development stage, so this is very much a try before you can even buy the full game scenario.


This should help the community get involved in the games and even help to offer feedback and shape the final outcome of the game. This type of early access already exists on the PC but this is a first for Xbox One.

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Every game that's involved in the scheme has a free trial so you can play before you buy.

Titles included so far are: The Long Dark, Sheltered, Elite Dangerous and Daisy. These were the ones named so far from on stage at the event.

Anyone can join in from today. Simply download the game of your choice on your Xbox One and give it a try before deciding if you want to pay and unlock or simply try a taster of another title instead.

The Lone Dark and Elite Dangerous will be the first titles available to download for trials in the next few hours. 

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Writing by Luke Edwards.