Microsoft has just dropped some big news at its E3 conference in Los Angeles: Xbox One backward compatibilty.

Taking to the stage, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft confirmed that one of the most requested updates has been achieved, meaning you'll be able to play your existing titles.

The best part of the new backwards compatibility feature is that it will be free - and it should be, as you already own the content.

If you have Xbox 360 titles that you previously downloaded, you'll get access to those again, and if you bought the disc, all you have to do it put it into your Xbox One and you'll then be able to download a version for your Xbox One.

Microsoft added that developers really don't have to do anything at all, so it should mean that we can all go back to those games that we previously loved.

However, it's not just an Xbox 360 emulation, as you can still use cool Xbox One features, like telling it to take screenshots and so on.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature will be rolling out as part of the monthly updates and you can expect it towards the end of the year.

You might want to consider updating your Xbox One hard drive.