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(Pocket-lint) - Turn 10 Studios has just taken the wraps off a new range of Xbox One controllers that'll get car fans engine's revving.

The one of a kind controllers were designed to celebrate Ford's return to Le Mans with its Ford GT race car. The last time Ford was in the race was when its GT40 competed, hence the design of the controllers matching that famous car among others.


The controllers were on display at Le Mans this weekend before being moved to LA where they are now featured at E3.

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Xbox is the official sponsor of Le Mans. The race also features in the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6. This is the most accurate example of the track in a game so far, says Xbox, as the track has been laser-scanned. There will be both historic and current configurations available to race.

There are three variants to the controller. The blue model with "26" is based on the 1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe which had the first American driver to win the race. The black "2" controller was based on the Ford GT40 which was the first American car to win Le Man in 1966. The red controller with a "1" is based on the 1967 Ford that was defending its title and broke through the 5,000km mark for the first time.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.