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(Pocket-lint) - Along with announcing a new Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive, Microsoft has announced that PC gamers will soon be able to use Xbox One controllers wirelessly on their computers.

The company will be releasing a wireless adapter for Windows that will work with Windows 10 when that is launched on 29 July. It will work through either a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port and will talk directly to an Xbox One controller. Users will be able to use all functionality, including the in-game chat and stereo audio capabilities introduced with the new version of the controller also announced.


Although we are yet to find out UK prices for the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, it will cost $24.99 (£16.32) in the US or $79.95 with a bundled Xbox One wireless controller. The controller will still be compatible with an Xbox One as well.

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PC gamers can already use the Xbox One controller with their machines but only when wired using a Micro USB cable. However, an Xbox One wired headset or stereo headset is currently not compatible. They will be with the new adapter.

More announcements on the integration of the Xbox gaming system within Windows 10 are expected at the forthcoming E3 videogames convention starting on 15 June.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.