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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One console equipped with a 1TB storage drive, giving you more space to store the latest blockbuster games. 

The new console has been revealed in advance of the 2015 E3 Expo, where we're expecting a huge range of new titles to be announced and showcased, as well as a larger capacity PS4 from Sony.

Of course you could always update the hard drive yourself, as we detailed in our how-to guide and there's support for external hard drives via USB 3.0 as well. 

The new Xbox One has a matte finish now, so you won't have to spend your time polishing off the fingerprints and dust.

But the bigger news, arguably, is the addition on the new controller. We've all felt the frustration of having to battle with bespoke headphones. We now there's a 3.5mm headphone socket, so you can plug right in with any headphones you like.

Microsoftnew xbox one offers 1tb storage new controller supports 3 5mm headphones image 2

Existing headsets are still supported, of course, and Microsoft has improved the quality of the audio that you'll get through your controller-connected headset.

In addition, the bumpers have been "fine-tuned" and the new controller can also be firmware-updated wirelessly, so no more plugging it in.

The new controller will ship with the new version of the Xbox One, and will also be available separately. There's a Xbox One Special Edition Covert Forces controller too, if you don't fancy the standard black one. 

The new Xbox One will be available from 16 June, costing £349. If you're after the 500GB console, the SRP is dropping to £299.99.

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Writing by Chris Hall.