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(Pocket-lint) - Minecraft fans rejoice, the Gameband is here to let you take your favourite game everywhere you go.

While the Gameband might look like another activity tracker it's nothing of the sort. Gameband not only stores Minecraft saves but has the entire game right there on your wrist meaning it can be played wherever it's plugged in.


There is also a 140 LED display that can be edited via its PixelFurnace software to create personalised images and messages.

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Gameband works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and connects via USB 3.0 for high-speed gaming. Once you've finished a session the game and worlds are saved right there on the band as well as being backed up to the cloud servers.

So what's the point of Gameband? It means Minecraft is accessible wherever there's a computer and you. For those that don't want it on their mobile this is a viable option that also comes pre-loaded with plenty of content.

On the Gameband you'll find - deep breath - Dragnoz with The Dash of Doom 1.7 and TRON Fire 1.7; Hypixel with Herobrine's Mansion 1.7, Wrath of the Fallen 1.7 and Zombie Apocalypse; SethBling with 15Seconds 1.8, Blocks VS Zombies 1.7, PizzaSpleef 1.7, Redstone Challenge 1.4, Redstone Challenge 2 1.5 and The Building Game 1.8.

So if Gameband Minecraft sounds good to you head over to Microsoft where you can pick one up for $80 which is about £54. Gameband is listed on Amazon.co.uk but is still currently unavailable – expect it to hit UK shores soon then.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.