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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has rolled out its March system update to all Xbox Ones and Xbox gamers now have the ability to take in-game screenshots for the very first time.

Taking screengrabs was one of the features PS4 owners had since the launch of their console and used as one of the arguments as to why the Sony machine was better. Now the Xbox One can finally do the same. And if you have a Kinect, you can even do it by voice.


Those without a Kinect need to double-tap the Xbox button on the controller when in a game to take a grab, but Kinect-owners only need to say "Xbox take a screenshot" while playing for the console to snap away and store it in the background. What's more, the console doesn't pull you away from the game to save or share the grab. It is saved automatically for you to share when you want.

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The Upload application has been updated to handle screenshots as well as video. And you can also use any screengrab you take as your UI background.

Other additions include friend suggestions - you will get suggestions based on your existing line-up of friends - and the ability to share your name either publicly or just to confirmed friends.

There are enhancements to party chat. And tiles on the home screen can be set to a preferred level of transparency, so you can see more of your wallpaper if you so wish.

Privacy has been improved with an option to restrict the sharing of your voice search data with Microsoft (used to improve voice functionality, but you might not want to). And you can now inform Microsoft if you receive spam in your messages.

Australian Xbox One owners now get OneGuide and can buy the Digital TV Tuner for their region too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.