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(Pocket-lint) - You'll soon be able to do cross-platform play between Windows 10 devices and Microsoft's Xbox One console. Oh, and you'll even be to game with HoloLens.

While at the Games Developer Conference, Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Xbox head, brought up gaming on Windows 10 and revealed Microsoft would bring Xbox Live to Windows 10 by introducing the Xbox Live SDK for Windows. Developers will be able to access the SDK over the coming months and ultimately use it in their games.


The Xbox Live Preview SDK is rolling out now, and select developers can start playing around with it via the Windows 10 Tech Preview. Now that it is going public, with plans to let all developers have access over the next 12 months, practically any developer can start building apps for Xbox One using the Windows 10 universal app platform.

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The SDK will provide access to the Xbox Live services currently available on Xbox One, under a shared set of APIs, integrated with the Windows Store. By making Xbox Live accessible to all game developers, regardless of size, developers will, among other things, be able to decide what the Xbox Live app can access in their games.

Microsoft announced in January, for instance, that's new Xbox Live app for Windows can record in-game content on existing games. Apart from the Xbox Live SDK, Spencer confirmed that Microsoft will bring Xbox gaming to the HoloLens VR headset. Microsoft's first-party development studios are already developing new experiences.

"With the Universal App Platform, any developer can create a single project to target multiple devices. It will be easier than it has ever been to bring content to PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox consoles, and future Windows 10 devices like Microsoft HoloLens," explained Microsoft via a blog post published on 4 March.

The company also plans to bring developers on-board to create HoloLens games sometime this year. We should know more about Microsoft's plans for the HoloLens and universal apps in April, when the company plans to hold its annual Build developers conference.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.