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(Pocket-lint) - In the current generation console war, Microsoft has always adopted a more generic entertainment machine approach for its Xbox One than Sony has with the PS4, which is evidenced by the greater number of apps available on the former device.

And that is soon to become even more pronounced, if The Verge's sources are correct. Microsoft is inviting all developers to flood the console's app market with downloadable software. And it is dramatically smoothing the process of developing applications for the Xbox One.

It is to publish an SDK preview in May as part of a wider program. It is also said to be pushing updates for developers to turn existing retail Xbox One consoles into full devkits.

Presently, Microsoft has a handful of developers able to create apps for the Xbox One, but this will increase greatly with the plans. The Verge states that there will also be the ability to make beta apps live for community testing and some applications will be able to run in the background of games and other functions.

This will introduce the concept of music streaming behind gameplay in a similar way to PlayStation Music which is to be introduced as part of Sony's Spotify deal when that launches later this year.

Dedicated Xbox One apps will run on the console until November, but the company plans to shift the operating system to Windows 10 afterwards, which could open the floodgates further as all apps after that time will run universally across devices.

Writing by Rik Henderson.