Minecraft is launching a content pack that'll put Xbox gamers right in the middle of Springfield.

Xbox has announced that it teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox to launch "The Simpsons" content pack for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The pack is scheduled go live in February and will include the entire Simpsons family and 19 other characters from the show.

Microsoft-owned Minecraft is a video game originally developed and published by Swedish company Mojang. It allow you to build things and places out of textured cubes in a 3D-generated world. It's been downloaded 100 million times since launching in 2009.

Xboxminecraft to launch the simpsons dlc pack next month for xbox one and 360 image 2

The Simpsons is an Emmy Award-winning animated show described as the longest-running scripted show in television history. The Simpsons' content pack for Minecraft will cost $1.99 USD when it releases shortly after series' 26th mid-season break.

This isn't the first time Minecraft has launched TV or film-themed downloadable packs. In November, for instance, it partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm on a Star Wars Classic skin pack.

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