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(Pocket-lint) - Christopher Walken playing Xbox is somehow funny in itself, so to hear him calling Xbox Support after being hacked is obviously hilarious.

The scene is Christopher Walken, who has come home after a day of filming, settling down to a round of Destiny when he realises his console has been hacked and filled with abuse aimed at him. Funny abuse that sounds even better when read out by Walken's unique voice to the Xbox Support worker.


Of course this video is a prank done by an impersonator of Christopher Walken. What ensues is laugh after laugh as a technologically inept Walken struggles to follow the instructions of the unsuspecting Xbox Support person.

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The entire call is filled with some choice language which always sounds best when coming from the accent of Walken. But an interesting point is that the person helping on the other end manages to be patient enough to last a full six minutes before giving up on this fake Walken. We wonder how many times these people have had pranks like these without knowing?

Here's hoping whoever did this makes more in the future. What a great impersonator. Of course no more Xbox Support pranks are needed though - those guys deserve a break after this.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.