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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like no area is safe from the oncoming tidal wave of wearables with even Microsoft's Xbox One getting its own wrist worn device in 2015.

Rumours have already abounded that Microsoft is working on more wearable devices, to follow the release of its Band fitness tracker, and now it looks like there could be something more Xbox One specific according to comments from an Xbox One supplier.

Joe Officer, at Exertis, told PCR that this was the case. Since then the site has been told to take the comment down, we've been told to do the same. This would suggest the comment may have been spoken out of turn. But it could also suggest there is some truth to the rumour.

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He mentions multiple devices which suggests there may be an Xbox One specific wearable. But, of course, it could simply mean all these Microsoft wearables work with the Xbox One in some form. That could be as simple as showing your data on screen when you log into the console. But either way we can expect something Microsoft gaming-related to hit wrists as soon as next year. Let's hope it arrives in the UK as well as the US this time as the Microsoft Band was US only.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.