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(Pocket-lint) - New figures have revealed Microsoft didn't sell many Xbox One consoles when it launched the console in Japan recently.

According to Eurogamer, which cited a report from Famitsu (a respected gaming magazine in Japan), only 23,562 Xbox One units sold during its Japanese launch week. For comparison, Microsoft reportedly sold 62,135 Xbox 360 units during its launch week in 2005, meaning the Xbox One's Japan launch is considered one of the lowest in recent years.


Even Nintendo sold 308,000 Wii U units in two days, and Sony sold 322,000 PS4 units in two days as well. The reports also noted that Titanfall, a game that Microsoft bundled with the Xbox One console, only sold 2,416 copies over the Xbox One's launch period. The second-best selling game was Rare's Kinect Sports Rivals at 14,919 copies sold. It was also a bundled game.

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It's worth noting however that Xbox has never been a fan-favourite in Japan. Nevertheless, the drastically low figures for Xbox One's 4 September launch in Japan, especially when compared to previous launches and rival launches, suggest Microsoft is experiencing some struggles as the market moves from living room-based gaming to mobile gaming, among other things.

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In Pocket-lint's full review of the Xbox One, we emphasised that there was a lot still to come for Xbox One, but we also couldn't help marvelling at Microsoft's ambitions. Xbox One changes your TV experience. In fact, we described it as a gateway to a multitude of home entertainment.

Writing by Elyse Betters.