Minecraft is making the jump to next-gen on the Xbox One with its Minecraft: Xbox One Edition due out this Friday 5 September.

For those that already own the Minecraft Xbox 360 version they can pay £4 and get upgraded to the next-gen version. For first time buyers it'll cost the full £16.

The latest Minecraft: Xbox One Edition brings worlds that are an impressive 36 times larger than on the current Xbox 360 version. And for those upgrading from Xbox 360 it'll be possible to transfer across worlds directly into the new version so you can continue in the larger world as you left off in your previous saved game. Some skins and texture packs won't make the jump but most should, says Microsoft.

Xbox Live features a community of over 13 million Minecraft fans already so with the new version it should grow even greater. One of the advantages of Minecraft on a console is the ability to play four-player split-screen on one console or with up to eight players over Xbox Live.

Minecraft for Sony's PS4 or Sony's PS Vita does not yet have a release date announced, though it shouldn't be too long. Sony has been outselling Microsoft with its PS4 console so getting the early exclusive of Minecraft on the Xbox One was not only a smart move by Microsoft but quite probably a necessary one.

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