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(Pocket-lint) - Titanfall may not feel likes it's been out for very long but that hasn't stopped its creators from releasing a second DLC in Frontier's Edge. This is the second of three planned DLC packs.

The multiplayer-based Titanfall is all about the maps so most gamers will welcome the new levels that Frontier's Edge offers.


The DLC offers three new maps to play.

Dig site is as it sounds, a rough area of mining meaning plenty of room for huge Titan battles with huge sheer walls surrounding the battlefield.

Export is all about height allowing pilots to battle up high and up-close while Titans duke it out below.

Finally Haven is, essentially, a beach resort with luxury bars and shops meaning intimate pilot battles as the Titans are kept outside to fight for control of the beaches.

The Frontier's Edge DLC is part of Titanfall's Season Pass, for those that have already paid for that. This cost around £20 and includes all three planned DLC packs for Titanfall.

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall was developed by another company so there will be a slight delay on the DLC for that platform.

Titanfall Frontier's Edge is available now on Xbox One and PC for around £8 but will soon launch on Xbox 360 also.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.