E3 is well under way in LA and it's begun with an explosive offering from Microsoft. The Xbox One has not only been confirmed at the new price of just £350 but has a selection of games that makes it more attractive than ever.

If you were dragging your feet, and older console controller, until now this might be the time to upgrade at last. Not only are there new games but Microsoft has announced new apps, including Now TV, and will be launching its exclusive shows soon.

So what game are worth parting with £350 for? We rounded up the E3 trailers to give you a better look.

This is the big one, with Master Chief back in next-gen graphics to stun fans with another off-world adventure in Halo 5: Guardians. Except this time Steven Spielberg is also making a TV series of Halo. Presumably the two will cross-over with stories. Imagine playing a game that takes you into the story-telling world of ET and Goonies creator Steven Spielberg. Worth buying an Xbox One for that alone, surely? This is last year's trailer until more is revealed:

And before that hits Microsoft is milking the last of its Halo creations with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This has the first four Halo games remastered on disc for anyone to play on the Xbox One. Like a catch-up for the new release then.

The classic Xbox game Phantom Dust is due to return in high-res next-gen glory on the Xbox One, and E3 had a teaser trailer to show it off.

The same man behind the latest Killer Instinct, Ken Lobb, is also the lead on this latest reimagining. 

The original Phantom Dust game was the work of Yukio Futatsugi, who left Sega after following the epic Panzer Dragoon Saga - arguably one of the best RPGs ever made, but minus an audience to consume it due to the dead-in-the-water Sega Saturn. But this is Xbox One, and it's far more buoyant in its early life. Here's hoping Lobb can take on some of that inspiration and repackage it back into next-gen awesomeness.

The hilarious, self-aware Sunset Overdrive has an E3 trailer showing what this Xbox One title will offer. Other than laughs and Tony Hawk style city 'sliding' there's colourful worlds, mind-boggling bad guys and plenty of things that go boom.

Sunset Overdrive looks like a lot of fun for a third-person shooter. It's an Xbox One exclusive so here's hoping as much effort has been put into the entire game as was clearly put into the brilliant trailer video.

The latest Forza is ready to hit Xbox One exclusively, and the trailer alone is almost enough to make us want to throw money at the screen already.

The hyper-real graphics, insane 200 car selection, dynamic weather, multiplayer options and open world have us emptying our wallet in preparation.

The Assassin's Creed adventure continues with next-gen graphics on the Xbox One. It was revealed at E3 that this will be the first installment in the series to offer collaborative multiplayer.

Using Xbox Live it will be possible to join up to three friends and take on the world together in real time, adding a new dynamic to the game when it comes to tactically taking down your foes in Assassin's Creed 5: Unity.

The multiplayer co-op mode isn't quite perfected yet, as you can see from the demo. But it is a huge leap forward and something that put another feature in the Xbox One cap, so to speak.

Crackdown 3 is an Xbox One exclusive for next-gen gaming but while it's been confirmed now, there is a wait until it's released in 2015.

The cell-shading style graphics look brilliant with a neon lighting scheme that gives it a real eighties feel. But the modern weaponry and armour should modernise it plenty while gaming.

The trailer ends with just the title "Crackdown" - no numerals or numbers to be seen. But as it's the third release in the series Crackdown 3 seems logical to us.

The latest in the Call of Duty series was shown off by Microsoft on Xbox One to kick off E3.

With jet packs and futuristic weapons Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks impressive and plenty different to the previous installments in the series.

This won't be an Xbox exclusive of course but on the Xbox One it does look really impressive. This should take up plenty of Xbox Live bandwidth for multiplayer in the not too distant future, set in the quite distant future.

A full trailer for Destiny was shown off at E3 featuring the cinematic story and the voice of Peter Dinklage himself.

From Bungie, the guys that brought us Halo, hopes are high for this game. Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy what could be this console generation's Halo in high-end graphics from its release on 9 September this year.

The latest in the football gaming series is almost here in all its next-gen graphical glory, and E3 has shown off a FIFA 15 trailer.

Gameplay has been improved, with players being given emotional responses to action on the field. In addition, they have memories, so will react differently depending on incidents that occurred earlier in a game. Another graphical tweak is that the pitch itself is "living". Boot marks and ripped turf will stay that way for the duration of a match.

While players are more agile than ever before and have more tricks and steps, the grounds and crowd are also more detailed.

For any would-be dancers out there this is the title for you. Using Kinect you can dance along to all the latest club hits, like you were in the club. But dancing like a pro.

With a selection of different moves, characters and songs this should be enough to keep you busy. And after your session on this is done you might have even learned a new move or two to take to the real dance floor. And it's exercise, what's not to like?