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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced a plethora of new apps coming to the Xbox One, but still no sign of the BBC iPlayer.

US Xbox One owners should be pleased to see many apps sorely wanted on American consoles. These include Vine, HBO Go, US Twitter, ShowTime Anytime, Comedy Central, Major League Gaming and more. These exras will bring the worldwide total to 225 and should start to roll out "by the end of this holiday season".

For UK Xbox One owners there's not a lot on offer but we were pleased to see that Now TV will grace the console with its presence. That should mean Sky content on a console that can be controlled with voice. "Give me Schwarzenegger", we're hoping, is a viable voice command.

But there's still no BBC iPlayer, nor is it likely to arrive unless compromises are made. The Xbox One requires apps with open APIs so its voice controls can work with them. The BBC iPlayer is closed and will remain that way. So how this problem can be overcome is still unclear. Perhaps Microsoft could make an exception? Or the BBC could offer some extra code to make it work? We'll have to wait and see.

Twitter integration, in the US at least, will be able to show contextual tweets about the shows being watched on cable or satellite TV. Users will even be able to see shows that are being tweeted about in real-time while in the OneGuide TV listings menu. These shows will appear in a "trending" section.

"People turn to Twitter every day to enjoy and engage in the real-time conversations about their favourite TV shows," says Jana Messerschmidt, VP business development and platform at Twitter. "We’re enhancing that experience on the Xbox One with a unique Watch with Twitter integration. It will now be easier to discover what shows are trending in real-time on Twitter, tune-in and follow the conversation right from within the Xbox One interface. We are excited to work with the Xbox One team and continue to deliver unique entertainment experiences."

Head over to Xbox news to see the full listing of new apps on offer. 

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 4 June 2014.