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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft will start to roll out its June update for Xbox One next week as Pocket-lint understands that elements of it will be needed to support the company's dedicated World Cup hub Destination Brazil and the Brazil Now companion application.

The OneGuide TV service will become fully functional in the UK with the update, and both World Cup services link to it and use its abilities to hook up with live matches from Brazil. And as the World Cup kicks off with Brazil versus Croatia on 12 June, and Microsoft confirming that they will be live in time for the first match, it will have to have been installed on consoles in the country before then.

As well as OneGuide support for the UK, which provides a rich metadata-filled experience and control over Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview set-top-boxes through the Xbox One, the June update will include the ability to store content on up to two external hard drives or USB sticks.

Even downloaded games can be stored on the drives and users will be able to play their games on friend's Xbox Ones simple by signing into Xbox Live.

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It has also been widely reported that media streaming applications will become accessible to Xbox Live members with Gold membership. That includes both Destination Brazil and Brazil Now.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.