Microsoft Xbox One users rejoice, it looks like an update coming soon will allow the use of external hard drives with the console at last.

The add-on is expected in the next update release according to an Xbox developer who leaked the above photo on Reddit. Developers often get an early look at software updates which lends this source weight.

Until now Xbox One owners have had to settle for the 500GB storage that's built into the console. Unlike the Xbox 360 which lets users attach an external hard drive for storage, Xbox One does not.

At the moment any Xbox One users who remove the internal drive to upgrade it themselves will void their warranties. With games taking up greater room as more are downloaded and saved it's only a matter of time before space runs out. So this update seems inevitable which makes us believe the developer leaking this is accurate.

Expect the update to roll out in the coming weeks, or in the leakster's words: "soon".

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