It's only been just over five months since the Xbox One launched in the UK and in that time, while it has sold in impressive numbers, its main rival, the PS4, has sold even more. Two million more, to be precise.

Retailers are therefore chopping the price of the next-generation console, with Asda and Amazon recently cutting the cost of the Titanfall bundle edition to a penny shy of £350, in order to put it on a par with Sony's machine.

Now online retailer Overclockers UK has gone one better, offering the Xbox One FIFA 14 bundle, as released last November, for £329. That's a full £100 off the original Microsoft asking price and £30 off what Sony set the PS4's RRP.

The store is even offering an Xbox One without a game for £310. You'd better hurry though, because while it lists there being more than 10 in stock for each, we expect them to be popular at this price.