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(Pocket-lint) - There's a new telepathic stealth game due this spring from Moonshot Games, a developing company comprised of former Bungie/Halo developers.

Called Third Eye Crime, the upcoming iOS game is a puzzler with noir-like graphic novel elements known as cinematics. It also features a jazz soundtrack, "knowledge map" visualisations, and clever characters like Rothko (who's telepathic), an enemy AI, and a master criminal named Caravaggio.

The gist is that the you, the player, must avoid being caught during a heist by using a "third eye" to predict enemy movements. Viewed from a top-down angle, you'll simply control the psychic chracter in a comic-book-type environment directly from your iPad.

Moonshot Games - founded by three former Bungie employees Damian Isla, Rob Stokes, and Michel Bastien - has teamed up with indie publisher Gamblyr to show off Third Eye Crime at Pax East. A full release slated for sometime this spring.

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Microsoft acquired Washington-based video game firm Bungie in 2000. It then repurposed the developer's launch title for the Xbox console. That title became known as Halo: Combat Evolved, which sold millions of copies and spawned a billion dollar franchise.

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Check out the Third Eye Crime trailer above for more details, and then sign up on Moonshot Games' website to receive a notice whenever the title becomes available for consumers to purchase on Apple's App Store.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 15 April 2014.