After Microsoft announced Halo's Cortana AI would be the name of its voice-controlled personal assistant in Windows Phone 8.1, Halo related news was inevitably going to follow. But heavyweight Hollywood director Ridley Scott being involved with a Halo project is huge news in its own right.

Microsoft announced it will be making "a digital feature" that won't impact the planned Steven Spielberg Halo TV series, but will be coming soon. The release read: "343 Industries, Xbox Entertainment Studios and Scott Free Productions are proud to announce a new Halo digital feature project to be released later this year."

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Ridley Scott will be the executive producer while Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, who directed several Battlestar Galactica episodes, will direct.

Few other details on the project are around this early on. The fact it's been called a digital feature suggests it will be online only. We're expecting something similar to the utterly excellent Halo: Forward Unto Dawn mini series.

Whether this will link into the Spielberg TV series, or even introduce it, isn't clear at this stage. Either way with a release planned this year we won't have to wait long to find out.