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(Pocket-lint) - When Microsoft launched the Xbox One it came with a new way to weed out the cheats and bullies in online games. Each gamer receives a reputation bar and, depending on reports from other players, that can go down, giving a visible sign to others that they are facing someone who has erred in the past.

Now the company is to start warning players when their reputation levels drop. Starting this month, notifications will be sent to Xbox One owners if their reputations are falling thanks to community feedback.

There are different reputation levels based on different colour schemes to make them instantly recognisable. A green bar means the player has a good reputation, yellow or orange "needs work", and red screams "avoid me".

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Players can raise their reputations again by playing fairly online over a period. Microsoft's algorithm will reward fair play. However, should you be reported for abusive behaviour and are repeatedly disruptive, your score will drop and you will face penalties.

For example, those with an "avoid me" rating will have reduced matchmaking pairings and might have certain privileges taken away, such as Twitch broadcasting.

Those that are worried that they might be targeted by other gamers to have them blocked unfairly need not worry, Microsoft has a safety net in place for false reports "from people that might intentionally report someone of greater skill or for other griefing purposes".

To check your reputation score, open your gamer card on the Xbox One. Similarly, you can view others on their gamer cards too.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 26 March 2014.