Respawn Entertainment has delivered a server-based patch for Titanfall that is designed to fix several bugs, but also to address some of the balance issues in battles that should make for closer match-ups.

Unfortunately, this doesn't include promised private lobbies, to help you create matches for just you and your friends, or support for an upcoming companion application for tablet devices - they should be enacted in a future update. Nor does it seem to balance player skill in matches, which still throws newbies into battles with very experienced players.

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It does tackle some of the in-game problems that made some weapons and targets either too powerful or too easy to score big points, thereby negating other strategies.

The Smart Pistol, for example, has had its damage decreased when not locked onto a pilot. And the points earned when securing a Hardpoint have been lowered, to encourage pilots to get back out on the field and not camp.

A lengthy list of the improvements and bug fixes can be found on Respawn's own online forum.

As the update is at server level, gamers need not download the patch themselves, for Xbox One or PC.