Titanfall has been a huge hit for Xbox One and Windows PCs since its release last week, but Xbox 360 owners will have to wait a bit longer than expected to get their hands on the multiplayer-only first-person shooter. It has been put back to 11 April in the UK, 8 April in the US.

That's not a massive slip, granted, considering it was already scheduled for 28 March - two weeks after the next-gen and PC versions were released - but will stoke the fire of discontent even higher, with some already claiming that not all was hunky dory in Xbox 360 land.

Respawn Entertainment handed development duties for the current-gen version of the game over to Bluepoint. And the fact that little has been seen of it prior to its release has raised eyebrows amongst the gaming elite. EA might have even agreed.

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"I've been playing the game a lot, and it is fantastic. But we see a few things that can be made even better, so we're giving Bluepoint a little more time to do just that and deliver an epic Titanfall experience for Xbox 360 players," said Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president at EA Studios.

He does confirm that the same amount of content available on the other platforms will also be in the current-gen version though, so it's not all bad news.

"The game will feature the same 6v6 gameplay, maps, modes, weapons and Burn Cards as the Xbox One and PC versions of the game," he added.