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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is still to release a driver to allow PC gamers to use an Xbox One controller to play games on their computers. However, that hasn't stopped YouTube user Lucas Assis from coming up with an alternative way to make it work.

It uses a generic USB driver, controller emulation and another piece of software that enables applications to access USB devices, plus Assis' own app. This latter programme supports up to 16 controllers in total.

He made a video of the process and has posted all the software required to make it work on his OneDrive account. Be warned however, although the end result works very well indeed - it basically fools a PC into thinking the Xbox One controller is an Xbox 360 one - it is a fairly complicated process and takes around 11 minutes to complete.

If you just can't wait for an official version though, it will probably be worthwhile for you to follow Assis' instructions:

Open device manager and plug in an Xbox One controller through USB. Install the WinUSB driver. Install vJoy (included in the download). Open it and use it to detect the controller.

Install libusb (also included) and launch its filter installer wizard. From there install the WinUSB device (your controller). If you have more controllers, you will have more WinUSB devices at this point.

Open Assis' app and away you go.

As PC Gamer recommends, you will also probably want to install XPadder or x360ce (from the download folder) to make the controller work with games, and there might well be some issues. But at least it works, eh? And this way you can use the special edition Xbox One Titanfall controller to play the new game, which came out in the UK today.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 14 March 2014.