Raymond Cox, or Stallion83 as he is otherwise known on Xbox Live, has just broken the one million point mark for his Gamerscore.

This will be, when proven legitimate, a new World Record. Nobody has ever been able to hit such a high score before - largely owing to the amount of time it must have taken. It's taken him "eight years, three months" and then some, he said.

Cox was playing Titanfall when he broke through the score barier at 2:35am EST 13 March. Since it was so recent we will need to wait for Guinness World Records to verify it before he makes it into the official hall of fame.

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If you want to check out the historic moment you can see it all happen on Stallion83's Twitch account. Skip to 3:47:30 to see him enjoying the moment.

Titanfall was released in the US on 11 March for Xbox One and Windows, hence plenty of people have been playing it already. It launches in the UK tomorrow, 14 March. The Xbox 360 version will be released on 28 March.