Microsoft has made the Twitch app available on Xbox One hours before Titanfall launches to the world. Twitch, the world's largest gaming website, allows gamers to stream gameplay to the world for free.

The big Xbox One update from last week prepared the console for Twitch, but now it's actually useable. You simply sign into your Xbox One console and download the Twitch app, and sign in with your Twitch user name and password.

Twitch not only enables you to share your gaming with friends, but to also watch your favourite games live, with support for picture-in-picture, as well as notifications, and the option to set up private chat parties outside of the broadcast.

Sony PlayStation 4 users have been enjoying Twitch support since launch. As of January 2014, Twitch boasted 45 million unique viewers a month, 6 million broadcasts a month, and more than 12 billion minutes watched a month. With the Xbox One those numbers are expected to rise.

Twitch support comes with the release of Titanfall on 11 March, a title hotly tipped to be the game of the year.