There's only one more week to go before the much anticipated Titanfall hits stores for Xbox One and Windows (Xbox 360 version comes a couple of weeks later) and for some it will mean a new, pre-ordered Xbox One will arrive along with the game.

Microsoft both dropped the price of its new console generally and announced a Titanfall bundle for £399 in anticipation of the interest in the game. But apart from getting a digital copy of the first-person shooter in the box at no extra cost, everything else about the package is the same as usual. The Xbox One, Kinect and controller are all the standard black versions.

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The edition delivered to the game's developer Respawn Entertainment by Microsoft is a tad different though. It's completely skinned in Titanfall style, much in the same way as the commercially available Titanfall special edition Xbox One controller. In many eyes, this should have been the version sold with the title in the bundle. Even Respawn's.

"Almost hate to post this 'cause they aren't for sale but Xbox brought our studio something amazing today," the company posted on its official Twitter feed, along with a picture of the box.

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Oh well, at least you can still get the controller separately. It will set you back anywhere from £65 to £80, but you'll feel the part while some 13-year-old kid from Wisconsin repeatedly shoots you in the face.

Jealous? Us?

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