Project Spark was announced at E3, to much excitement, as a game that makes designing games fun. Now that platform has arrived on the Xbox One in a beta form.

The game not only lets users create games of almost any genre using the innovative creation tool, but they can also unlock new features and in-game items by fulfilling goals - effectively turning the creation aspects into a game itself.

Microsoft obviously wants to create a Minecraft-style gaming world that pulls in users, developers and gamers alike. And since the game allows for creations to be shared instantly it will grow with popularity. That's why it's free to download to Xbox One now.

The Project Spark beta was released on Windows 8.1 devices back in December 2013 so there should already be plenty of games built and ready to try out. That's thanks to the Cloud Saving that means cross platform gaming is a possbility.

If you want to get involved pop along to and sign up. Or if you've got an Xbox One you will need to find the Project Spark client which is a 1.44GB download found in the Xbox One Games Store.

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