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(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox One will get its Twitch app on 11 March, it has been confirmed. 

The popular gaming spectator service gets its own app on Xbox One, right on schedule to support the launch of Titanfall - hotly tipped to be the game of the year.

From your Xbox One you'll be able to give the "Xbox Broadcast" command to share your gaming with friends, or watch your favourite games live, with support for picture-in-picture, as well as notifications, and the option to set up private chat parties outside of the broadcast.

The launch of Twitch segues nicely into the March update for Xbox One that promises a host of party and multiplayer updates destined to be in place for the launch of Titanfall.

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It's also being speculated that the fix for the TV judder could be arriving in the March update.

Talking to Total Xbox, Harvey Eagle, Xbox marketing director, said it would be fixed "in a matter of weeks".

The judder problem occurs because the Xbox One was built for 60Hz standards, like those in the US, whereas in the UK we have 50Hz. This means that anyone putting their Sky, Freeview or Virgin Media boxes through the Xbox One would see a slightly jarred image.

The problem is noticeable on fast moving pans - the sort of thing you see in sports particularly and most noticeable when you have TV in a Snap window. 

Mark your calendars for 11 March, it looks like a big day for Xbox One owners.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 25 February 2014.