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(Pocket-lint) - The beta test for Titanfall has extended to all Xbox One gamers, after being opened up on a limited basis late-last week, Xbox frontman Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb announced on Saturday.

Xbox One gamers can access the beta on the "New Game Demos" section of the Game Store. Hyrb notes it may take some time until all Xbox Ones can see the demo in the store, with some members seeing it before others. "Until then just relax and rest assured everyone will see it soon," Hyrb said. 

"Go ahead and crush those servers," maker of the game Respawn Entertainment tweeted, as it wants to test the game under heavy use.

Along with the Xbox One, Respawn Entertainment said the PC beta will open to all users sometime in the near future, possibly on Sunday.

Titanfall is being slated to be the breakout title of 2014. The game is multiplayer only, with a story-driven campaign made up of multiple skirmishes and team battles involving other players. It features both run and gun gameplay of the ilk of Quake and Halo, but with the added bonus of Titans - large exoskeleton mechs that fall from the sky and transform your character into a fighting behemoth.

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"All the switches need to be flipped, and there are probably lots," Respawn founder Vince Zampella tweeted. "It will take some number of time units to do it all!" 

The title will be released on 11 March for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. There won't be a PS4 or PS3 version of Titalfall offered, due to its exclusivity with Microsoft, but Respawn has not ruled out releasing a sequel on those consoles in the future.

"We are really excited to get a good test on all of our systems before launch and encourage you to join in," Hyrb wrote on his blog.

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Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 16 February 2014.