The most heavily guarded border on earth, the Korean Demilitarised Zone, is now being watched by Microsoft's Kinect.

The Kinect sensor was put in place by South Korea last August but has only just been announced publicly. Self-taught programmer Jae Kwan Ko developed the Kinect software system to monitor the DMZ.

The intelligent monitoring system can spot the difference between humans and animals. When a human is spotted the nearest outpost is immediatly alerted to take action. Further details from the Hankooki Korean site's tipster are few, probably in the interests of national security.

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Software creator Ko also mentioned the future Kinect's ability to detect heart rates and temperatures. Now that this Xbox One variant of the Kinect is available we wouldn't be surprised to hear the DMZ scanner is watching those woods with a Predator-style heat vision right now.

The Korean DMZ also features automated gun turrets, made by Samsung, that can detect and open fire on targets at the touch of a button. Just another step towards our future demise at the cold metal hands of our robot overlords.