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(Pocket-lint) - Seattle-based designer Sam Matson has created a new headset dubbed the Immersion that can track gamer rage - something that happens to the best of us. 

The headset, just a prototype at the moment, carries biometric sensors to track a gamer's heart rate. Based on the mood of the gamer, the Immersion will then make in-game adjustments. But don't think Matson's prototype is all about making it easier. When a user's heart rate is calm, the game remains easy. Once a gamer starts to become more frustrated, harder enemies are thrown into the game, making for one vicious cycle.

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The Immersion transmits data to a game over Bluetooth. Matson designed a shooting game based on the Unity platform and a modified Bootcamp template that is able respond to how a gamer is feeling. Obviously, the headset doesn't work with just any game. 

It's not clear how practical the headset would be in multiplayer, but it could make for a more aggravating or more pleasant experience in single player, depending on how a game programmer decides to set it up. 

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"I have noticed gamers being very self aware when they play the game," Matson told Gizmag. "I think most people are surprised to see their heart rate actually jump up when they enter combat."

There's no word on when the Immersion may be commercially available, but Matson said he would be interested in eventually bringing it to market. 

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