We have to admit this is pretty funny. With the Xbox One you get a Kinect sensor that is always listening out for commands, even during games that have no Kinect support and that can be exploited by those wicked enough.

YouTube poster Master of Luck came up with the masterstroke of creating a Gamertag that he could use to comedy effect during multiplayer games. By calling himself "Xbox Sign Out", his team mates in multiplayer battles - evidenced in the video posted from Call of Duty: Ghosts - would unwittingly bring themselves out to a menu screen when shouting his name.

This would normally come across as just a cruel bit of trolling, but instead Master of Luck uses it to capture some great reactions when people realise what they've done. Called Xbox One Sign Out Trolling, the result is a three minute video that has become somewhat of a viral sensation in the last few days. Enjoy.

You can also check out Master of Luck's other videos on his YouTube channel, we recommend you check it out.