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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten has suggested that the previously promised live game streaming feature for the Xbox One will appear before the E3 trade show in June.

Originally touted as one of the launch features, the ability to stream footage of games on live services for others to watch and comment on had to make way to ensure the system was stable for release day. It has since been revealed that Microsoft hopes to release it in the first half of 2014 as an update, and Whitten's comment seems to confirm that target.

Speaking to Engadget, the Xbox exec hinted that features announced during one E3 press conference will appear before the next. "This is not 100 percent, but my general strategy at E3 is to talk about things that are going to happen from that E3 to the next E3. So, we are not yet to the next E3," he said.

E3 2014 will start in Los Angeles on 10 June.

Whitten also revealed during an interview with the site that a major update is imminent. It will address some concerns owners have had about social features and access on the new console. "The feedback we've gotten is pretty valid; some of the social stuff is hidden or harder to use than it was on the Xbox 360. So you're going to see us come out with an update where, well, we're going to fix those things," he revealed.

"As a person who's been pretty involved in building Xbox Live for the last decade, I take it pretty seriously when people say it's harder to get into a party, and the defaults aren't right, and I don't like the model. So what I'm trying to do with the team is kind of theme some stuff up.

"Let's take an update and really go through a big list of what we're hearing from customers, what we know is broken with the architecture, areas that we want to improve or complete. I think that's a theme you'll really see us push on, that Live experience."

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