Microsoft has released an update for its iOS version of Xbox Music that adds offline playback support.

Version 2.0.31213 is now available for download and allows you to listen to tracks on the move when you have no connection to the internet or don't want to splurge large amounts of your data allowance on Lady Gaga.

The new feature requires you to create playlists for the music you want to cache for offline listening, much like you do on Spotify. You will need an Xbox Music Pass to access the offline feature though. It costs £8.99 a month, but for that you also get unlimited ad-free streaming on all devices and the ability to stream over 70,000 music videos to an Xbox 360 or Xbox One games console.

You can try out the service for 30 days free, if you haven't already. There's also a free streaming version of the Xbox Music service, but it is limited and ad-supported. There is also an app for Android that features offline playback too, and the service is part of Windows and Windows Phone, as well as the Xbox consoles.