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(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox One's tile-based user interface will be improved and tweaked based on the response Microsoft gets from the gaming community, the company has said. That could mean that some of the features and style of the homescreen will change over the next few years, and it has been revealed that some changes have already been made to the operating system internally, so might appear in an update soon.

Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) told O Canada.com that, like with the Xbox 360, the user experience of the console will move with the times. "We're going to continue to refine the system and make it what the Xbox fans are expecting and what they want. We’re listening to the feedback every single day. I’ve already seen some changes in the operating system internally with what we’re building.

"If you look back at the Xbox 360's launch, what it was in 2005 when it launched is completely different from what it is now. It’s fascinating to see the different things that have come along. Things iterated. We didn't even have things like the party system or the ability to support external storage when we launched the Xbox 360."

xbox one ui will be refined over time based on gamer response says microsoft image 2

When it launched, the Xbox 360 featured the "Blade" dashboard, which looks alien in respect to the "metro" tiled UI found on the same console now. Considering how much is invested in the current aesthetic adopted by the Xbox One, which is featured across all Windows devices too, we suspect changes will be minor and gradual rather than dramatic.

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