Stream TV, the company pushing glasses-free 3D that works from multiple viewing angles, will be showing off its latest screen and a 4K upscaling box at CES next week.

Steam TV will show off its improved Ultra-D TV that offers an upgraded version of the glasses-free 3D we saw in the summer of last year. But more importantly it will unveil the seeCube-4K box that upscales most signals to 4K.

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Since 4K content is still in shortage, even with Netflix promising 4K streaming in 2014, this box is a great idea. It will mean your 4K TV can play everything from your Xbox, PlayStation, Blu-ray, Sky, Virgin or Freeview box, and online content from YouTube, Hulu and even Netflix - right now.

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The seeCube-4K will use a 2.3GHz quad Qualcomm 8074 processor with new Adreno 330 GPU to upscale content from 1080p at 2 million pixels up to 4K at 8 million pixels.

At this stage it’s all just based on a few details from a press release. Whether it’s actually any good, affordable, or due soon will be revealed at CES next week. Check back then for our coverage from the ground.