If you opted for the full Battlefield 4 Premium service and dished out the £40 for the privilege only to find it didn’t work, all is not lost.

Xbox One Battlefield 4 Premium owners are being given refunds after online connectivity issues plagued the service. Those who downloaded it suffered poor speeds and connections with the Battlefield 4 servers and have done so since its launch.

EA and Microsoft were looking into the issues back in November but no results were ever announced. Nothing has been heard since.

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Battlelog forum members took the problem into their own hands and requested refunds from Microsoft Support. It worked and they were issued refunds for their troubles - but at the cost of having their Battlefield 4 Premium membership revoked. But since it doesn’t work right now anyway it shouldn’t really matter.

It's unclear whether Sony will offer the same refund for people on PS4. Some customers have reported trying, but without an online chat service like Microsoft Support, responses are less immediate.

Let us know if you’ve had issues and manage to get a refund.