Gracenote and Microsoft have snuggled up in a partnership that means Xbox Music users can enjoy cloud-based streaming of all their songs. So if you’ve got ripped CD, iTunes tracks or just random albums downloaded Gracenote will let you access them all, via the cloud, anywhere.

Or at least, anywhere that runs Xbox Music. So on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8 or RT machine, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. So almost anywhere.

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The idea is that once you jump to Xbox Music you not only won’t lose your music but neither will you have the hassle of rebuilding your library. Gracenote will scan what you’ve got using its metadata smarts which it calls “audio fingerprints” and rebuild your collection in the cloud. Then you can enjoy the benefits of its recommendations, information, song editing, collection management and album artwork.

Gracenote president Stephen White says: “A big frustration for music fans is having to completely rebuild their collections when switching between streaming or download services. Gracenote music recognition and data will make it easy for Xbox Music users to migrate their collections to the cloud without searching, repurchasing or even uploading.”