London's Leicester Square was the venue for a spectacular public launch event for the Xbox One last night, with music acts and on-stage challenges keeping a large crowd entertained in the cold night air.

The nearby Trocadero played host to a pop-up Game store selling Xbox Ones to the lucky few among those who hadn't pre-ordered in a midnight opening. First in line was Charlie Pulbrook from Sidcup, but there were plenty others queuing for the £429 console.

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Performers on the main stage included rapper Sway, Katy B and headline act Plan B, while even those who couldn't get inside for the event were treated to impromptu performances by Roman gladiators and zombies roaming around the streets outside the main arena.

On the night, it was also revealed that additional but limited stock could be released to retailers for Christmas delivery, even if you haven't pre-ordered yet. You are advised to check your local shops or online stores to see if they have any: you might be in luck.