One of the Xbox One's major weapons in the next-generation console war is it's range of applications that are available to download and use from day one. We await to see exactly which services will be ranged on the PS4 come UK release day on 29 November, but it is widely believed that there will be fewer initially than now available on the Microsoft machine.

Here's a rundown of the apps that are available in the UK, with some of the biggest hitters coming out of the gate like a thoroughbred stallion. BBC iPlayer might be missing - it's being worked on as we write - but there are plenty of others for you to check out.

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Xbox One features

Audio CD Player

An obvious day one patch as it brings an important feature to the Xbox One. Not only is it software you'd expect on any console with a physical drive, it's vital for Microsoft as the PS4 doesn't have the ability to play MP3s at the time being.

Blu-ray Player

Like the Audio CD Player, this is an essential download. Strangely, the Blu-ray playing functionality is not built-into the machine as such, but comes in app form instead. Not that we're complaining mind. It's nice to see an Xbox with the option.

Internet Explorer

Where would Microsoft be without its own browser on its own console?


Like with the Xbox 360 before it, the Xbox One links to your SkyDrive cloud storage account.


A new feature for the Xbox One, the new Skype app works with the Kinect sensor and allows you to have up to four people on a conference call at the same time.

Upload Studio

If you want to edit your gaming videos before sharing them, this is the app you'll need.

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Streaming and on demand services


Access to all the functionality of your Netflix streaming account, including Wish Lists where you can save content in one location to easily find at the top of the pile.

Amazon Lovefilm

Like Netflix, Amazon's major rival Lovefilm offers a full, rich experience on Xbox One. It includes HD movies presented in 1080p and with 5.1 surround sound audio tracks.


Channel 4's on-demand and catch up service is the first of the big UK terrestrial TV streaming apps to arrive.


Not originally listed on the Xbox One available apps list, YouTube is available from day one.


Crackle is a completely free resource of archive and cult movies and TV shows for you to watch on your console. It includes the short-lived but much-loved live action series of The Tick.


Access to a whole range of sports action from the TV channel for a subscription fee. Includes Monday Night NFL football, if that's your sort of thing.


The online broadcaster offers a wide range of gaming-based TV shows and video.


Opens up all the keynotes and vast Ted archive of clips and videos to Xbox One owners.


Want to watch gamers show their talents or walkthroughs of games you find too tough, Twitch is the place to visit.

Xbox Fitness

A collection of fitness videos and workout suggestions that also have some interactive elements, such as the ability to assess your heart rate through the Kinect sensor.

Xbox Music

Microsoft's answer to Spotify is available through this subscription service application.

Xbox Video

Like Xbox Music, you will need to download this app to access your bought or rented video content.

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Not yet available (but on their way)

Demand 5

Channel 5's on demand and catch-up service.

Now TV

The Sky-owned Now TV service has movies to watch as broadcast live - through access to the Sky Movies channels - and stream on demand, plus sports on a one-day pay per view basis, and now features a number of key entertainment channels too, all for subscription fees of differing levels.


Tesco owns Blinkbox, which is a vendor for digital versions of current movies and TV shows available to rent or buy.

Muzu TV

Muzu TV gives access to an enormous library of music videos, current and archive.

Rakuten's has an interesting premise. It combines the subscription model for older movies and TV show series in a similar way to Netflix and Lovefilm, but also adds a rent or buy model for newer content , much like Blinkbox.

US apps

In the US, while the main Xbox One apps are the same, many of the entertainment content ones differ from the UK.

US owners therefore have access to Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, CW, ESPN, Fox Now, FX Now, Hulu Plus, Machinima,, Netflix, Redbox Instant, Target Ticket, Ted, Twitch, Univision Deportes, Verizon FiOS TV, Vudu and YouTube.