Several gamers across the net are reporting in with word Microsoft's Xbox Live services are down. The Xbox Live Service Status says "Xbox Live service is offline," as well.  (Update: services appear to be back online.)

The reason for the downtime isn't clear, but couldn't come at a worse moment, as the company's next-generation Xbox One console launches in about an hour in the UK and soon after on the East Coast of the US.

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There's always the chance Microsoft could be doing a bit of retooling ahead of the launch, but that's just us being optimistic. On our Xbox One unit here at the Pocket-lint office, it won't let us log in - and when we try to play a game it keeps reverting back to the login page. 

Along with Xbox Live, a few other Microsoft services, including Outlook, are also not responding.

We've reached out to Microsoft in the hope of learning the cause of the situation. In the meantime, what are you seeing?