Microsoft's Major Nelson has done plenty of bragging about the Xbox One's features ahead of its 22 November launch, and it doesn't stop today. The Xbox spokesman uploaded a six-second video to Vine, showing just how fast the Xbox One's Kinect will redeem an Xbox Live code over the camera. 

We've all felt it. The agonising time it takes to entering in codes on the Xbox. With Microsoft's new strategy it wants to do all the hard work when it comes to input and navigation. Thanks to the upgraded Kinect and software, now all you have to do is mutter, "Xbox, use a code" and Kinect will pull up a video camera.

In Major Nelson's tests, it took less than six-seconds to redeem a code. He simply held the QR code in front of the Kinect camera and it did the rest of the work - redeeming the 14-day trial code almost instantly.

The PlayStation 4, which launches in the US a full week before the Xbox One, also has a similar camera peripheral, which ships separately. The Xbox One is due out to customers on 22 November for $500/£429.